Wasabi is a cloud storage provider that offers affordable, high-speed, and secure object storage solutions, enabling businesses to store and manage vast amounts of data with simplicity and reliability.

November 26, 2023


Wasabi is a company in the cloud storage industry, and is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to traditional providers. Offering significant savings, advanced performance features, and comprehensive security, Wasabi stands out as an ideal choice for businesses seeking efficient cloud storage solutions.

Features of Wasabi

Cost-Effective Storage Solutions

Wasabi offers cloud storage services at prices 80% lower than Amazon S3, with no egress charges or API request charges, making it a more affordable option for businesses of all sizes.

Wasabi Surveillance Cloud

This unique service extends the capacity of on-premises video surveillance systems, offering a hybrid cloud storage solution that eliminates the need for expensive upgrades and offers unlimited, secure storage.

Ransomware Prevention

Wasabi emphasises the importance of robust data protection strategies, offering features like immutability and offsite backups to protect businesses against ransomware threats.

High-Performance Storage

Wasabi boasts faster performance than its competitors, with quick uploads, downloads, and private network options, ensuring efficient and reliable cloud storage experience.

Reliable Data Protection

Featuring data centre redundancy, 11x9s data durability, and immutable storage, Wasabi provides a secure environment for storing sensitive data.

Unlimited, Affordable Data Storage

Wasabi’s cloud storage solutions are not only cost-effective but also offer unlimited data storage, making it a practical choice for businesses needing extensive storage options.

AWS S3 Compatibility

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is fully compatible with AWS S3 and IAM APIs, making it an ideal addition to multi-cloud strategies or as a standalone cloud-based storage solution.

Why Choose Wasabi?

Wasabi is a great choice if you're looking in the cloud storage market - with its affordability, high performance, and comprehensive security features. Its solutions are well-suited for businesses looking for a reliable and cost-effective cloud storage provider.

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