Unlock the Power of S3 Object Storage for Your Organisation

At Zeus Cloud, we understand the importance of seamless data management and storage for businesses operating in the digital age.

That's why we offer S3 Object Storage to cater to increasing need for data storage.

Understanding Object Storage

Object Storage is a data storage architecture that organises data as objects. Unlike traditional file systems (which rely on hierarchical structures), Object Storage provides a flat namespace, enabling simplified data access and management.

ZC2® S3 Object Storage enables organisations to securely store their data in the cloud whilst maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Features of S3 Object Storage

Secure and dedicated cloud storage that's scalable, perfect for you and your business.


With ZC2®, you can effortlessly scale your object storage when required, ideal for businesses needing flexible cloud storage solutions.

High availability

High availability infrastructure ensures services and resources remain accessible and operational, reducing downtime and ensuring seamless user experience.

Secure Storage and Redundancy

Built in redundancy and security measures to keep your data safe, from attackers and driver failures, giving you peace of mind.

24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock 24/7 support availability from our team to assist and support you whenever you need it. No longer pay for support and updates to your platform.

Enterprise-Grade NVMe S3 Object Storage

By using Enterprise-grade NVMe, clients can get up to 16x faster speeds with NVMe Storage directly attached to the node.

With up to 32 drives of 7.81TB NVMe per server, we can ensure high availability to businesses.

If you need high speed S3 Object Storage, then ZC2® has you and your business covered.

High Performance High Power NVMe and CPU
S3 Price savings

Low Prices, High Power-Performance

Get more for your money with ZC2® Cloud Infrastructure. With lower prices than others in the cloud industry, you can benefit from more powerful cloud infrastructure whilst saving money.

Premium Object Storage

Get the best object storage to manage your data with Zeus Cloud's premium and enterprise grade cloud solutions, with unmatched performance and security.

Premium S3 Object Storage
Future-Proof Solution

Our S3 Object Storage grows with your business, meaning you can easily scale your storage without planning in advance, allowing you to stay ahead of other competitors within the industry.

Global Locations for S3 Cloud Infrastructure

Global Locations for S3 Object Storage

Store your data with ZC2® anywhere in the world, with a wide range of locations to choose from in Europe, Asia, the UK, and the US.

Essential Storage for Businesses

S3 Object Storage is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficient data management. Its ability to handle vast volumes of unstructured data, coupled with seamless scalability and built-in redundancy, ensures data remains accessible, secure, and highly available.

S3 Essential storage
Pay for what you use

Scalable and secure S3 Object Storage that you can make the most of. By using Zeus Cloud's ZC2® Cloud services you only pay for the storage that you use, saving you money on your infrastructure.

Scalable and secure cloud infrastructure
Why Choose ZC2® for S3 Object Storage?

Our Private Cloud Infrastructure utilises enterprise-grade NVMe technology to provide the best experience to users whilst still being affordable to everyone.

Embrace the future of data management and storage with Zeus Cloud's Object Storage and take your business to new heights of efficiency and success.

Why Choose ZC2® for Private Cloud?