ZC2™ Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service, Your Way

An elastic, high performance PaaS solution in the cloud for devs and business.

Intuitive PaaS cloud management tools

The ZC2™ Application Platform has a powerful control panel for platform monitoring, tuning, statistic reports, billing data review, troubleshooting and maintenance. It’s a unified experience that simplifies cloud infrastructure management and end user support.

DevOps automation

DevOps Automation

Certified software stacks for Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, .NET and Go applications with automated scaling, clustering and updates

Multi-cloud management

Multi-cloud Management

Available as public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud. You can mix and match different infrastructures and manage them via a unified admin panel

Kubernetes hosting

Kubernetes Hosting

Automatic installation, scaling and updates of elastic Kubernetes clusters with nested container structures, pay-per-use pricing and a single point of management

Automate Databases

Automate Databases

SQL & NoSQL database automated clustering, vertical and horizontal scaling, different replication and data synchronization schemes within an intuitive UI

Hybrid Cloud Redundancy
Fast Deployments

Easy to Deploy

With ZC2™ PaaS you can deploy applications in seconds not hours. Simply select your app from the marketplace or deploy from docker hub.

Scalable Cloud

Autoscale only when you need it

Built to be elastic, only pay for what you use and never any more.

Black Friday crashes are a thing of the past. You will no longer need months of planning to scale your infrastructure just for 1 day.

PaaS WordPress Hosting
Hybrid Cloud Redundancy
You Choose

Work with what you know

With ZC2™ PaaS you can deploy what you need and know, not what the host tells you to.

Who needs DevOps application hosting services?



Digital Agencies



Systems Integrators

Easy to integrate
PaaS WordPress

Deploy like a pro

For serious WordPress users the CMS is just the foundation – so you also need to add advanced container, database, CDN and other tools with your hosting service.

Worldwide locations

Provide pre-configured, ready-to-use cloud services

Our customers can have their site content cached on Cloudflare’s CDN network spanning 90 countries and 194 cities worldwide. This large network ensures better loading speed by using the nearest location to each of your site visitors. Additionally, it improves site security and reliability by monitoring millions of websites and taking mass action, protecting all CDN users whenever an issue is detected.

Global Hybrid Cloud
Cloud Security
Extra Security

Multi-layered security

Our data centres are protected with several layers of security to prevent any unauthorized access to our servers and your data. Server room access is limited to certified employees and 24/7 security teams are prepared to respond to any situation. Internet communication to Google Cloud, Azure or AWS infrastructure is encrypted in transit and access to sensitive data is protected by advanced tools like phishing-resistant Security Keys.