Unlock the Power of Private Cloud for Your Organisation

Our Private Cloud Services provide a secure and dedicated infrastructure that empowers organisations to harness the full potential of cloud computing while maintaining complete control over their data and resources.

Understanding Private Cloud

Private Cloud is a dedicated cloud computing environment exclusively designed for a single organisation. Our Private Cloud at ZC2® offers heightened security, greater control over resources, and tailored configurations to meet specific business needs.

ZC2® Private Cloud enables organisations to enjoy the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining data privacy and maintaining compliance with industry regulations.

Private Cloud

Dedicated cloud computing that can be tailored to your business requirements, offering increased security, and more control.

Instant Deployment

With ZC2®, you can effortlessly and instantly deploy private cloud infrastructure tailored to your organization's requirements.

High availability

High availability cloud infrastructure ensures services and resources remain accessible and operational, reducing downtime and ensuring seamless user experience.

100% Uptime

Powerful infrastructure with an incredibly reliable uptime, ensuring uninterrupted access to applications and data.

24/7 Support

Get round-the-clock 24/7 support availability from our team to assist and support you whenever you need it. No longer pay for support and updates to your platform.

High Performance High Power NVMe and CPU

Using Enterprise grade equipment for Private Cloud users get up to 16x faster speeds with Enterprise NVMe Storage directly attached to the node.

Our Private Cloud Infrastructure is also powered by Dual AMD EPYC 7643 48-Core Processors per blade as well as 1TB of RAM per blade.

If you need powerful cloud infrastructure, ZC2® has you and your business covered.

High Performance High Power NVMe and CPU
Cloud Compute Price savings

Low Prices, High Power-Performance

Get more for your money with ZC2® Cloud Infrastructure. With lower prices than others in the cloud industry, you can benefit from more powerful cloud infrastructure whilst saving money.

Site-to-Site VPN as a Service

Site-to-site VPN as a service is now available with ZC2® private cloud and helps to connect different infrastructure types together whilst maintaining a high level of security.

This integration allows businesses to create secure virtual tunnels between multiple private networks and merging them into one network, ultimately giving allowing access to project resources in the cloud without the need for additional software or hardware.

Cloud Compute Price savings
Simplified and Easy to Use

An easy to use service carefully built with clients in mind. We offer a simplified platform to help make our cloud infrastructure accessible to everyone whilst still offering premium and enterprise grade servers that you won't find elsewhere.

Global Locations for Private Cloud Infrastructure

Global Locations for Private Cloud Infrastructure

Deploy your private cloud infrastructure with ZC2® anywhere in the world, with a wide range of locations to choose from in Europe, Asia, and the US.

Twingate Zero-Trust Network Access

For businesses looking for extra security and a way to enable remote work, Twingate's zero-trust network access service is available to clients using ZC2® private cloud.

By implementing Twingate's encrypted connections and granular access controls, businesses can boost their private cloud security, protecting sensitive data from potential threats.

Cloud Compute Price savings
Pay for what you use

Scalable and secure cloud infrastructure that you can make the most of. By using Zeus Cloud's ZC2® Cloud services you only pay for the resources that you use, saving you money on your infrastructure.

Scalable and secure cloud infrastructure
Why Choose ZC2® for Private Cloud?

Our Private Cloud Infrastructure utilises enterprise grade hardware and technology to provide the best experience to users whilst still being affordable to everyone.

Choose from a range of pre-made instance sizes or contact our team for your own customised infrastructure.

Why Choose ZC2® for Private Cloud?