VMware is a company that specialises in virtualisation and cloud computing solutions, offering software and services that help organisations to efficiently manage and optimise their IT infrastructure.

November 24, 2023


VMware stands at the forefront of cloud computing and virtualisation technology. With a wide array of products, VMware addresses the complexities of today's multi-cloud reality, offering solutions that empower organisations to build, run, manage, and secure applications across various cloud environments.

Features of VMware

VMware's Multi-Cloud Services

These services provide tools to address 'cloud chaos' by enabling consistent application management across different cloud environments. VMware's multi-cloud approach helps organisations choose the best environment for each application without adding complexity.

Anywhere Workspace Solutions

VMware offers solutions like Horizon, Horizon Cloud, Workspace ONE, and Workspace ONE UEM to enable secure access to any app on any device, enhancing remote work capabilities.

Application Platform - Tanzu

This platform is designed for building and operating cloud-native applications, supporting organisations in their digital transformation journey.

Cloud and Edge Infrastructure

VMware provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions like Cloud Foundation, SD-WAN, vSAN, and VMware Cloud to run enterprise applications anywhere, ensuring flexibility and scalability.

Cloud Management

Solutions like VMware Aria, CloudHealth, and Skyline automate and optimise apps and clouds, streamlining cloud management and operations.

Desktop Hypervisor

Tools such as Fusion for Mac, Workstation Player, and Workstation Pro enable management of apps in a local virtualisation sandbox.

Security & Networking

VMware's security and networking solutions, including Carbon Black Cloud, NSX, and Advanced Load Balancer, connect and secure applications and clouds.

Why Choose VMware?

VMware is a great choice for all your virtual machine needs. VMware is known for providing robust and reliable virtualisation solutions, offering a wide range of features, excellent performance, scalability, and a strong track record in the virtual machines industry.

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