Twingate is a remote access solution designed to enhance security and simplify network access for organisations, and is a great alternative to traditional VPNs.

November 13, 2023



Twingate: The New Alternative to Traditional VPNs

At Zeus Cloud, we know that complicated VPN setups and the limitations they impose are no good for businesses; that’s why we’re partnered with Twingate.

Twingate is a great innovative solution to remote access and network security. Unlike traditional VPNs, Twingate utilises a zero-trust model, ensuring the utmost protection for your business and personal traffic.

Zero Trust Network Access Model

Twingate's advanced tunnelling technology allows for secure connections between users and resources, eliminating the need for complex VPN server setups.

By using Twingate, users can securely access cloud infrastructure keeping business and personal traffic separate, providing peace of mind and enhanced security.

Saving Money, Strengthening Security

One of the key advantages of Twingate is its straightforward pricing model. With no hidden costs, Twingate offers transparent pricing, allowing you to easily budget and manage your expenses.

Twingate is the best solution for businesses that want to secure their remote access systems.

Twingate is trusted by fast-growing companies worldwide and have received positive reviews from many experts in the security industry. It’s also affordable and scalable, with plans starting from $5 per user per month.

Seamless User Experience

Twingate works with any device and any application, without requiring any configuration or installation. Twingate also supports universal multi-factor authentication (MFA), which means you can apply an extra layer of security to any resource, even SSH. Twingate runs in the background and automatically connects you to the resources you need, without disrupting your workflow or internet access.

Improved Performance

Twingate delivers fast and reliable connections by using a distributed network of edge nodes that optimise the routing and encryption of traffic. Twingate also avoids the bandwidth and latency issues that plague VPNs by eliminating the need for a centralised gateway or server.

Improve Your Security Today

Experience the future of network security with Twingate. Say goodbye to outdated VPNs and embrace a new era of remote access and data protection. Try Twingate today and discover the power of zero-trust network access systems by getting in touch with our team at Zeus Cloud.

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