Colgrevance Data Centres

Colgrevance offers secure and reliable co-location solutions for businesses seeking to house their servers.

November 16, 2023

Colgrevance Data Centres

Colgrevance Data Centres

Colgrevance Data Centres is a leading provider of co-location services based in the United Kingdom. Renowned for its state-of-the-art facilities, Colgrevance offers secure and reliable co-location solutions for businesses seeking to house their servers, networking equipment, and infrastructure in a robust and highly available environment. With multiple data centres strategically located across the UK, Colgrevance ensures high connectivity and low-latency access, catering to diverse business needs.

Key Features of Colgrevance Data Centres

Robust Infrastructure: Colgrevance boasts cutting-edge infrastructure equipped with advanced security measures, redundant power systems, and climate control to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Reliable Connectivity

Colgrevance' data centres are architecturally crafted and strategically positioned to offer an ecosystem that seamlessly connects businesses to high-speed, reliable, and uninterrupted connectivity. This infrastructure ensures swift and dependable access to essential resources and applications vital for an organisation's day-to-day operations.

Security Measures

In terms of physical security, Colgrevance employs stringent access control measures, including ID authentication, manned security personnel at key access points, CCTV, and access keys for restricted areas. The security control limits entry to authorised personnel only, guaranteeing that the data centre remains secure against unauthorised access or intrusions.

Environmental System Monitoring

Colgrevance monitors the data centre environment. Thanks to the monitoring systems, Colgrevance is able to continuously assess and regulate environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. These measures not only ensure the optimal operating conditions for sensitive hardware but also mitigate risks of damage due to environmental fluctuations, thus enhancing the overall reliability and safety of the stored equipment and data.


Adaptable co-location solutions designed to meet the dynamic demands of modern enterprises. This flexibility empowers organisations to tailor their infrastructure precisely in accordance with their evolving needs, enabling them to scale up or down seamlessly as their requirements change over time.

Zeus Cloud's Integration and Management of Colgrevance's Co-location Services

Zeus Cloud, as a trusted cloud services provider, collaborates with Colgrevance Data Centres to seamlessly integrate and manage their co-location services for clients. This partnership offers numerous advantages for businesses such as:

Simplified Management

Clients leveraging Zeus Cloud's expertise gain a single point of contact for managing and integrating their co-location services, streamlining operations and reducing complexity.

Technical Expertise

Zeus Cloud's technical team provides skilled support, addressing any issues or concerns related to co-location services promptly and effectively.

Seamless Integration

By managing and integrating Colgrevance's co-location services, Zeus Cloud enables clients to seamlessly incorporate these services into their broader IT infrastructure and cloud solutions. Zeus Cloud's technical experts proactively engage in troubleshooting and issue resolution to ensure client's have a good experience.

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Colgrevance Data Centres