CloudLinux is an operating system designed to enhance security, stability, and performance in shared hosting environments, ensuring better control and isolation for multiple tenants on servers.

November 21, 2023


As a CentOS-based cloud-computing platform, CloudLinux offers a secure, stable, and resource-efficient environment for shared hosting providers.

CloudLinux is specifically designed to address issues related to server stability, security, and resource allocation in shared hosting environments. By isolating each account and allocating dedicated resources, CloudLinux effectively prevents performance issues and potential crashes, offering enhanced control over server resources.

Traditional vs. CloudLinux Environments

Traditional shared hosting environments often struggle with resource allocation. A single account consuming excessive resources can impair the performance of others. CloudLinux, with its innovative Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE), encapsulates each account in an isolated environment, ensuring effective management of resources and preventing one account from degrading the service for others.

Features of CloudLinux

Lightweight Virtualised Environment (LVE)

LVE provides resource isolation and constant access to allocated resources for each account.


A virtualised file system that secures each tenant's environment, preventing access to other users' files or data.

PHP Selector

Allows end-users to choose specific PHP versions, offering flexibility.

Hardened Kernel

Enhances security by deterring malicious attacks.

MySQL Governor

Monitors and controls CPU and disk I/O usage for each tenant, ensuring stable MySQL performance.

Advantages of CloudLinux Over Traditional Servers

Effective Resource Allocation

Assigning dedicated resources to each account prevents one account from consuming excessive resources.

Increased Stability

Efficient resource allocation enhances server stability.


Seamlessly integrates with various control panels like cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk.

Heightened Security

Protects against attacks from other accounts on the server.

Improved Database Performance

The MySQL Governor feature tracks and controls resource usage, improving database performance.

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