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WHMCS Reseller Hosting Module

WHMCS Reseller Hosting Module

As every great host knows, you can't stop there! We for many years have offered you the ability to sell domains through our domain reseller module, however, we have again gone a step further by introducing our new module for WHMCS called UKBSS Reseller.

As you know, your Hosting/Reseller Hosting account allows you to sell hosting accounts to your clients. As every great host knows, you can't stop there!

We for many years have offered you the ability to sell domains through our domain reseller module, however, we have again gone a step further by introducing our new module for WHMCS called UKBSS Reseller Hosting Pro.

Traditionally, selling additional products such as VPS servers or reseller hosting would require complex and expensive infrastructure - the goal behind the introduction of our Reseller module is to allow you to start selling those services without any upfront costs or ongoing overheads/risks (you got that right, no costs - just another perk of being a UKBSS.COM Reseller!)

Best of all, you get access to exclusive wholesale pricing and discounts on our entire range of services for the purpose of resale, with the ability to set your own pricing margins!

The UKBSS Reseller is essentially a plugin available for WHMCS, which allows you to sell our entire range of services in just a few clicks!

This means you can start selling:

  • Cloud VPS Servers (in Beta)
  • Elastic Cloud
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers (coming soon!)
  • Kubernetes & Containers (coming soon!)
  • Object Storage aka buckets (Coming soon!)
  • Backup-servers (Coming soon!)

The module is super easy to install, and whilst it was in beta, was being used by hundreds of resellers here so far, and we would love for you to get on board also!

Start expanding your hosting/dev business today! To get started, feel free to familiarise yourself with the documentation below.

Getting Started:

Request Access:

To access our new  reseller platform which allows you to sell our products at a discounted price, please raise a support ticket to allow our team to enable the module and reseller centre for your reseller account.

Once done, log into our client area and download the new module from  Reseller Area > Settings (as shown below)

Module Installation

Below you can find instructions for installation of the integration module on the reseller's WHMCS.

Please refer to section Integrations to learn how to generate an integration module for your resellers.

1. Extract and upload the integration module into the reseller's main WHMCS directory.

Once you have uploaded the integration module, you should find a new folder with this module in 'resellerWHMCS/modules/servers/' directory as presented below.
Important: The folder and module name as well as a description of the extracted integration module are customized by the provider and will be different than the one presented in the example below.

PR2 63.png

2. Now, you will have to configure a new server.

To do so, move to 'System Settings' 'Servers'. Once you are there, press 'Add New Server'.

PR2 63 1.png

3. Next, fill in the fields according to the below described pattern:

  • Name - server free name
  • Hostname - provide any hostname
  • Module - your integration module name
  • Username - API email address
  • Password - API Key
  • Access Hash - Endpoint
PR2 63 2.png

4. After you configure your server correctly, you will see the following screen.

At this point, you need to create a new group for your server. For that purpose, press 'Create New Group'.

PR2 63 3.png

5. Enter the name, click on your previously created server, press 'Add' and then 'Save Changes'.

63 4.png

6. The next step to follow is creating a product and its group.

Forward to 'System settings' 'Products/Services' 'Products/Services' and create a new group.

PR2 64.png

7. Enter a product group name (can be anything you want) and press 'Save Changes' .

PR2 65.png

8. When you have a product group, you can assign your product to it.

To create a product, click on 'Create a New Product'.

PR2 66.png

9. Afterwards, choose a product type, then select the previously created product group from the dropdown menu and provide a product name.Finally, find the uploaded integration module in the dropdown menu. Do not forget to save changes. (we recommended "other" for shared and reseller and (Server/VPS) for servers.

PR2 67.png

10. In the 'Details' tab of the product configuration, we highly recommend setting up your 'Welcome Email' template first.

Welcome emails are sent to the end-client once the product creation is completed and contain important details such as account/service credentials, server information, assigned IP addresses etc.
Before you choose or create your own product's 'Welcome Email' , please make sure which of the merge fields variables in the email template are currently supported by the product.
You can find more information about setting up email templates and using merge fields variables here.

PR2 67 1.png

11. Set up the pricing for your product.

PR2 68.png

12. Finally, after saving previous changes, go to the 'Module Settings' and select the integration module server that you created in the below steps.

PR2 68 1.png

13. Now, in the 'Base Configuration' you may select the ' Reseller Product' and a 'Billing Cycle' for that product from available (if you have created some in the previous steps).

Note that if you select Auto, original billing cycle from your WHMCS will be assigned to this product.

PR2 68 2.png

14.Finally, 'Product Details' section will appear. Decide which actions of the available you wish to enable. Simply check the preferred options.

Please remember that actions visible on the below screen are available only for Proxmox VE VPS products.
Every other integration module has its own options, see the features list to check options of every integration.

PR2 71.png

If there are any configurable options or custom fields available, you may now generate them, press the button and then select options you wish to offer.

Remember to save the changes in the end.
Please note that the below screen stands for Proxmox VE VPS integration product module settings.

PR2 71 1.png

The Order Process:

Once a client raises an order through your own WHMCS installation, the service will be purchased directly with ourselves and the appropriate cost will be taken from your credit balance.

Please ensure that you have credit in your account if you wish to use our new module.

That’s it, all complete and ready to allow your clients to purchase our products directly from you, allowing you to profit from our products.