Joomla (or Joomla!) is a free open-source content management system for websites.

About Joomla!

Joomla! was first released in 2005 and is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) for websites. Due to Joomla! being a free open-source CM, there are thousands of extensions and templates available for you to customise Joomla!.

Joomla! as a CMS is perfect for a wide range of businesses, from Government and E-commerce to small businesses websites, it's suitable for almost everyone.

Joomla! Features

Customisable System

Due to Joomla! being a free open-source Content Management System (CMS), there is thousands of extensions available from third party sources that can be found in the Joomla extensions directory.

Open Source Software

As an open source software, Joomla! is available to everyone free of charge, and the developers and community maintaining Joomla! help to provide good quality service.

PHP Framework

In addition to being a content management system, Joomla! serves as a dependable and lightweight PHP framework that allows for the development of web and command line applications in PHP. It's easy to customise and can adapt itself to fit your needs.

Joomla's PHP framework operates separately from the CMS, so there's no need to need to install the CMS software to use the PHP framework.

Over 70 Languages Supported

Joomla makes the process of building multilingual websites easy, thanks to its support for multilingual content management and language associations, with the availability of more than 70 translation packs to users.

Joomla! Integration Support

Joomla! has a range of documentation to help you setup your system and learn how to troubleshoot.

Zeus Cloud also offers support for Joomla!, if you need assistance please open up a support ticket.