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What is BitNinja?

What is BitNinja?

BitNinja is a cloud-based security software designed to help those in the tech industry by protecting them from a variety of cyber threats.

What is BitNinja?

BitNinja is a cloud-based security software designed to help those in the tech industry, particularly digital agencies, hosting providers with servers, and web developers. As a cybersecurity business, they allow users and companies to protect themselves with their software to prevent a variety of cyber threats, some which include anti-malware and data breaches which can have detrimental damage if not protected against with security measures.

The software for BitNinja helps to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffics, protection from attacks with their IP reputation pool, they also have malware scanner modules to search through files on servers, and even a Web Application Firewall module to prevent incoming attacks directed at vulnerabilities found in web applications. Their system also uses port and web honeypots to help with malicious port scans, sweeps, and CMS vulnerabilities.
Without this kind of protection, you could be put out of business or in debt. Hackers trying to get into your systems can cost you a lot of money if they’re successful in doing so. It’s estimated that servers frequently face attempts of hacking every 30 minutes and the average server is attacked 1,300 times a day. So, without proper security to keep your systems safe, hackers can easily get into systems and infect them with malware, leak data, and take over them until the problem is fixed, by which it may be too late.

Studies by IBM and the Ponemon Institute have shown the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million (£2.91 million), which in 2021,was the highest cost in 17 years of data breaches. With all of the legal fees and other costs to pay for, companies aren’t likely to recover from an expensive data breach or other attacks. And even if your business is able to pay the costs and continue running, your reputation will be ruined and you’ll no longer be trusted by the client base you have built up, which isn’t as easy to fix as paying off a large and costly bill.
Clients want and need to be able to trust the business that they run their sites on and keep vital and important data on too, their information being secure is the highest priority a company should maintain. Nobody wants their data to be leaked and breached, or for their systems to be down and infected with malware which can potentially ruin all of their work.

So, considering BitNinja to help secure your systems is a huge must and need. They’re effective at their jobs and incredibly reliable in regards of helping to prevent cyber-attacks occurring on systems, plus their reputation is good and are well known in the industry, so clients will be happy to know that you’re considering or are even actively using BitNinja on your servers and systems.


And you’ll be happy to know that UKBSS now uses BitNinja to help protect our systems as well as our clients. The company is highly reputable and is effective at protecting server systems especially VPS servers. But how does BitNinja help protect VPS systems/servers?

Some of the benefits of using BitNinja for VPS systems include:

Gaining Revenue

By partnering up and offering BitNinja to VPS server owners, it helps to get you commission for every licence sold. You’ll be protecting yourself and clients from cyber-attacks and hackers whilst potentially getting profit and good deals out of it. BitNinja offers a partner kit with promotional emails, social media campaigns, and educational blog posts to help your business.

One System

All of the security you get from BitNinja is located in one system that is easy to navigate for users’ convenience. It gives you full-stack protection against DDoS, XSS, malware infections, scans, script injections, brute force attacks, and enumeration for every major protocol rather than just HTTP like some other cyber security businesses.

Customer Satisfaction

When systems are attacked by hackers, businesses often get a lot more support tickets sent to them reporting issues. But with BitNinja, it’s active cybersecurity will help to prevent and lessen the damage of attacks on your systems and ultimately improve the experience customers and clients receive when using your services by keeping systems safe and protected. The less cyber-attacks that occur also means less support tickets and more time on your hands as a nice bonus for protecting clients.


The features of BitNinja for VPS protection and security are:

Anti-Malware Protection with BitNinja

Using unique signatures that are based on the structure of the malware, BitNinja can detect when hackers rewrite malware with the original structure. Through this process, it allows them to identify any obfuscated malware and zero-day attacks immediately.
The system is also combined with the Defence Robot to help trace any backdoors used to infect your servers and prevent any future attacks.

You’re also able to set up a full scan whenever the malware signature set is updated and schedule it. The frequency can be set to weekly, monthly, and yearly, with specific days of the week and what time of day you wish to begin the scan. plus, a handy feature for users which allows you to tick an option to optimise the run for low server performance impacts.

Website Application Firewall (WAF)

Able to handle TTLs and ASNs, the WAF 2.0 system that BitNinja uses is highly customisable for users to help minimise the false-positive rate and lets you configure filter level by domain. BitNinja frequently creates new rules for WAF in order to patch different zero-day CMS vulnerabilities that pop up.

BitNinja's IP Reputation System

All servers that use BitNinja for security share information with one another about recent cyber-attacks in order to protect each other. Their systems have a rich database full of common malicious IP addresses, with information on around100,000,000 IP addresses.
With the IP systems, you can add blacklists against specific countries with expiration dates for certain servers you don’t want them to access.

CAPTCHA Verification

A lot of people are familiar with CAPTCHA systems on the front of many websites and systems. BitNinja uses browser integrity checks as their first line of defence in identifying botnets, if the automatic validation isn’t successful, then CAPTCHA comes into play. The system also uses URL Captcha to defend against unpatched zero-day attacks in a quick and efficient manner.

BitNinja Centralised Dashboard System

The system for BitNinja is designed to manage and display the security of server clusters, so they have a dedicated security console just for that job. Which makes it great for businesses with a lot of server clusters to manage the security of. The centralised dashboard gives you a clean overview of the stats for all of the servers, with insight on server health, users hosted, agent version, modules, and licenses.

Simple Modules

BitNinja has designed the console to be easily and accessible for clients, with a user-friendly interface and clean layout, it’s easy to view the most vital and important information about your systems with just one glance. For instance, their server card allows users to view the key information about servers and can turn on and off modules with just a couple of clicks.


BitNinja offers a free trial for their systems, letting you test them before fully committing. But they’re a great option and becoming increasingly popular in the tech industry for cyber security protection. Additionally, by using BitNinja, the good reputation that they hold amongst users can help your business too as your clients will potentially benefit from their features and feel more secure in using your systems due to the protection in place.
You can either choose to get BitNinja separately through their website and systems, or you can get it automatically with a package you may select from are hosting businesses, such as ourselves at UKBSS GROUP. With UKBSS GROUP packages, clients now automatically receive BitNinja protection on all web hosting systems, except for VPS and Dedicated servers.

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