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New Dashboard and Features Released

New Dashboard and Features Released

UKBSS.COM is happy to announce the full re-design of our Dashboard. We have also launched new features like DNS Manager. We have also updated many more existing featuers.

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Over the past few months we have being working hard to add many more features for our clients. We have just pushed the latest updates to our dashboard and will be adding many more in the coming months.

Some of these features are;

New Dashboard Design

The new dark theme introduced to the client area dashboard now matches the main site and branding, it’s a lot more aesthetically pleasing and better for your eyes when browsing through your info.

New hosting Dashboard
New dark theme to match our new site and brand

New DNS Management Dashboard

With the new DNS services section, you can now:

• Add new DNS zones and remove them

• Edit pre-existing records

• Edit rDNS

• Check the tasks list to see the status and progress of jobs ongoing

All of this can now be done without needing to log into the server just to add, edit, and remove DNS records, making it much more convenient for users.

DNS Hosting Services
View all your DNS Services here
DNS Manager manage records
No need to login to the server to add and remove DNS records

New and Improved WordPress Manager

WordPress Manager sites are now all in one location for youease of access. You can edit and manage all your sites through the WordPressdashboard on our website. The dashboard for WordPress also lets you manage:

·        View installation and website details

·        Manage backups

·        Manage all of your themes and plugins

·        Edit configs

·        Create and edit users

·        View your Google Speed scores

You’re also now able to take actions for your WordPress sites straight from the new dashboard, actions such as:

• Control Panel

• Clear Cache

• Clone

• Update

• Change domains

• Manage auto updates/upgrades

• Staging


• Go into maintenance mode

• Instance image

• Deletion

can all be done from one area now.

WordPress Manager view installed sites
View all your WordPress sites in one place
WordPress Manager site overview
Manage sites and day to day tasks without logging into the WordPress dashboard
WordPress Manager google speed core
View Google speed scores in your dashboard
WordPress Manager install themes and plugins
Manage WordPress Themes and plugins from the dashboard

New and Improved Reseller Centre

Reseller Centre can now be accessed through the dashboard, which allows you to automate the provision process by using modules in WHMCS. Which lets you sell popular products automatically. There’s a wide range of reseller modules available for you to sell, and you can view the pricing for them. The system uses credit in your account that you can add from the billing and add funds section of the client area.

WHMCS Hosting Reseller module dashboard
Resell all of our services via our WHMCS Module

New and Improved Domain Reseller

And for the domain reseller, you can now download a module and connect through UKBSS’s simple API, allowing you to view client domain orders and pricing within the dashboard.

Domain reseller api dashboard
Download our domain reseller module and connect via our simple API
Domain reseller dashboard
View client domain orders and pricing in the dashboard

All of these updates and functions will ensure you have the best and most smooth experience, giving you power to manage everything efficiently all from one dashboard.