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How to set up WordPress using WordPress Manager

How to set up WordPress using WordPress Manager

Easily and quickly install WordPress in just a few clicks and you're ready to go and manage all from our new dashboard.

How to set up WordPress using WordPress Manager

First, you will need to navigate to the WordPress Manager section of the dashboard to start setting up. This can be found on the far-left side of the screen, where a list of categories is displayed. WordPress Manager is the 3rd top section.

When you select the WordPress Manager area, you’ll be brought to the main management page. If you have any pre-existing sites, they will be displayed here and can be accessed individually. If you are creating a new site, there is a button located at the top right corner titled “New Installation”. When you select this, it will allow you to create a new site.

This will then bring up a textbox list for you to fill in with all the necessary details.

However, you can also choose to import WordPress installations from another server rather than creating a new one through the site. The import option is in the same top right corner as the new installation button.

When you click this, it’ll come up with a textbox to fill in with details of the WordPress installation in order to access it through the dashboard.

Once you’ve set up a new installation or imported your WordPress site, your dashboard should look like this:

However, it may take some time for it to show up onto the dashboard, so keep that in mind.