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BitNinja Site Protection

BitNinja Site Protection

BitNinja offers a site protection program to protect your website, allowing you to secure your system and any visitors on your website from cyber-attacks and threats. The BitNinja site protection keeps your website and customers data safe and eliminates the risk of cyber-attacks.

BitNinja for site protection

BitNinja offers a site protection program to protect your website, allowing you to secure your system and any visitors on your website from cyber-attacks and threats. The BitNinja site protection keeps your website and customers data safe and eliminates the risk of cyber-attacks.

Protection helps stop customer information being stolen from your website, such as their personal information and credit card details, which hackers tend to target frequently for ransom and stealing identities. If attackers do get access to these details and leak the data or use them for themselves, it can cost you a lot of finances due to data protection laws in place, like CCPA and GDPR for instance. Additionally, if you have a data breach, it’ll heavily impact the trust you have built with your client and site visitors which isn’t something you can buy back with money unlike protection law fines.

Some other issues you may face without protection is malware attacks and infections, DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, blacklisting from search engines, suspicious activity from IPs, and more. But all of this can easily be prevented by getting a free trial of BitNinja or paying for it, or even getting BitNinja automatically included in another service like a reseller hosting business for you to use. All to help keep yourself and your clients safe.

What does BitNinja site protection do?

There are five main actions that BitNinja takes to protect your site: malware detection, website hardening, and 24/7 security monitoring.

Firstly, malware detection scans the site to make sure that there are no hidden backdoors, or any malicious codes injected into it. If any backdoors or malicious codes are found then BitNinja cleans up the entire website in order to remove any and all infections and backdoors.

Secondly, website hardening entails scanning the website from an outside perspective in order to see how hackers view it, which lets BitNinja find any vulnerabilities outside the website. This is sometimes known as automated black box penetration testing.

Once the vulnerability reports are done and the website has been scanned, they set up hardening rules to patch up any of the vulnerabilities found to protect the website and is carried out automatically by security professionals at BitNinja.

Additionally, 24/7 security monitoring takes place which is both an automated and manual process. It inspects security logs on the website 24 hours a day for all 7 days of the week. The automatized protection service, which uses AI-powered systems to automatically stop attacks and does the website hardening without manual input.

If any attacks are traced or found then BitNinja immediately notifies you and tries to lock out the attacker before they can do any damage, they also harden the website security further too.

What does this prevent?

BitNinja’s site protection prevents the theft of customer information. When users put in their account details with emails and passwords, or make purchases with card credentials, hackers can easily steal the information of these things if sites aren’t adequately protected. Which can lead to stolen money, ransom, identity theft, and selling data about their email and password online.

It also prevents your website being blacklisted by google accidentally. If malicious software or malware is found on your website, then it is put onto a blacklist which blocks your website from getting a large amount of organic traffic (around 95%). Google isn’t the only search engine that will blacklist your website though, other search engines do it too, so until your site is made safe and secure, it’ll be blocked from the internet and major search engines.

Site protection also stops loss of profit. If your website is an e-commerce website and sells items to clients, you won’t be able to make any sales when your website is down and under attack from hackers. You’ll be losing out on potential sales, lose revenue, and have to pay to fix your website to get it working again. Also, with the blacklisting of search engines and any data breaches, you’ll be paying out a lot of expenses and losing money from that too.

BitNinja and cPanel

Using BitNinja for cPanel is a great idea, it helps keep servers protected, prevents data breaches and any form of malicious activity from taking place. Whilst there are some precautions you can take by yourself for keeping your cPanel secure such as making sure you keep a strong password on your account, keeping your SSH security high by changing ports, limiting SSH access and conducting privilege audits regularly, and also keeping cPanel up to date to protect against vulnerabilities that have been patched.
BitNinja will help to provide the rest of the protection that you can’t quite do yourself.

When security vulnerabilities occur in cPanel after new updates have been released, attackers that are trying to find and exploit them will pose a risk to you, so BitNinja reduces the chances of them attacking your systems with their protection suite. The protection suite for cPanel keeps servers safe from brute force attacks, DoS attacks, malware infections, and even phishing.

To do all this, BitNinja has a honeypot feature which traps any potential attackers by setting up decoys and blocking any malicious IP addresses from their database from accessing your site. They also have log analysis tools that actively monitor the traffic incoming and flag any malicious activity so that you can catch possible threats before they become a problem.

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