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4 Reasons Why Reseller Hosting Is Great for Website Design Agencies

4 Reasons Why Reseller Hosting Is Great for Website Design Agencies

Are you a freelance web designer or do you manage a website design agency? Read about reseller hosting and how it can benefit your web design business today.

It's no secret that proper web design can be the difference between whether or not you hit your intended metrics.

Reseller hosting can be a useful service for many website design agencies. It can be used to increase revenue or provide more value for customers while simultaneously cutting costs.

Here are five reasons why it's advantageous to capitalise upon this opportunity.

1. You Can Save Time by Managing Clients' Sites Yourself

Managing a reseller account is by far the simplest way to keep content updated on multiple domains without all of the hassles that comes with it. Primarily, it helps eliminate time spent managing customer support on your own and allows you to take focus on other projects.

This is a primary factor that makes it one of the best website hosting options. This is particularly true for cPanel reseller hosting, which allows web design agencies to rent customisable server space from the reseller.

2. You'll Have Full Control Over the Hosting Service

With reseller hosting, all you have to do for your clients is choose the design template and build their site, choose the appropriate plug-ins, and upload content.

At the same time, you'll be able to manage their accounts and take complete advantage of all available tools.  This also allows you to charge extra for certain features of tools that already exist on the current platform that you are using for hosting.

Having this level of control is something that shouldn't be overlooked.

3. You Can Save Time and Money by Letting Go of the Technical Aspects

From a customer's standpoint, reseller hosting is much more beneficial than having to purchase their own server.

By using reseller hosting, your customers can enjoy greater flexibility. You can achieve this by utilising existing templates and other features that are already installed and integrated. This means that you don't have to dedicate time or resources toward designing everything from the ground up.

By taking advantage of the full range of services included in this type of solution, both you and your clients will be able to save time and money.

4. You Can Boost Your Business Revenue

When using reseller hosting, you should focus primarily on reducing the amount of work your clients need to do on their own. After all, they are hiring you for your web design services.

The key factor here is that reseller hosting also allows you to minimise the work that you do.

However, you can package your services to satisfy different needs. For example, break up your services into different tiers with different price points. Depending on what your clients require from you, you can make far more money than you anticipated.

It also lowers the barrier to entry for new clients who are looking to hire web design services. Regardless of which option your clients choose, your ROI should prove to be significant due to the amount of money you make for the time that you spend.

Reseller Hosting Shouldn't Be Overlooked

When configured correctly, reseller hosting can be a powerful tool for your company to take advantage of.

Be sure that you keep this in mind when moving forward so that you can take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.

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